Puerto Rico: Birds and Tropical Islands

Puerto Rico! It is a magical island with more endemic birds (19 species) than the whole rest of the US put together!  It is fairly easy for most people to visit the emerald islands of the Caribbean, but for Americans, Puerto Rico has one distinct advantage; it is a US territory and therefore does not require a passport to visit! It’s like taking a tropical vacation in any other US state!

The Island has two official languages, English and Spanish, due to it having previous influence from both Spain and the United States. It was first “discovered” by Christopher Colombus in 1493 during his second voyage to the Americas. Settled by Spain in 1508, it remained a Spanish colony for the next four hundred years.  In 1898, following the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded control of the island to the young United States of America. However, it wasn’t until 1917 that Puerto Ricans were granted citizenship.

On our Puerto Rico: Birds and Tropical Islands tour, we visit several reserves on the mainland, and also the nearby island of Vieques which is home to one of the brightest bioluminescent bays in the world!  Although birds are our primary interest, Puerto Rico has a rich history that is plain to see in old downtown San Juan. On our last day, we’ll stroll through town, taking in the cultural settings that help make this “La Isla de encanto” or The Island of Enchantment.

Puerto Rico Tody

What’s another good reason to visit Puerto Rico? This bird pictured above!
This is Puerto Rican Tody, a close relative of the Cuban Tody and considered by many to be one of the cutest birds in the world!

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We hope you can join us on our Puerto Rican adventure!