About us

NatureScape Tours takes birders and naturalists around the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, while at the same time experiencing the cultural specialties of the area. We lead clients not only locally and within the United States but also to Mexico, South Africa, Central and South America, Canada, and more. Tours can be custom designed for that special trip of a lifetime!

Our various tours meet the needs of birders with different levels of experience and enthusiasm. From the beginner to the experienced world traveler our customized tours will suit your personal style assuring arewarding birding experience. We can arrange tours for birders who have limited exposure in a region, and who would like to spend more time in one area learning about the new families of birds. At the other extreme, on some of our more intense trips we can show you some of the planet’s rarest and most difficult species.

We began leading birding tours more than 25 years ago and our approach has always been to concentrate on finding the endemic, impressive, rare, local or difficult to see birds. Spending more time in quality habitat searching for unusual species insures that the more common species are easily encountered along the way. Although birding is always first and foremost on our trips, we can usually offer a variety of other nature-based activities along the way.

While many companies profess to offer custom tours, few are able to efficiently arrange a trip around your personal target list of birds as effectively as NatureScape Tours.