Chris West


NatureScape Tours Owner, Chris West

A native of Wisconsin, Chris has been birding ever since he could hold binoculars; his first pair banged around his knees during nature hikes. He was brought up in an outdoorsy family who loved to take long road trips around the country, visiting every preserved natural area along the way, from County Parks and Natural Areas to National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. Traveling like this, he has visited most of the lower 48 states and learned the flora and fauna of many different ecosystems. Mesmerized by the birds he saw, he has sought them out on every trip, subsequently striving to see more and more difficult to find species. Eventually, these roadtrips turned from family trips into more focused birding trips, often traveling long distances to see specific species or vagrants.

He led his first field trip when he was 14 and has regularly led field trips for various organizations ever since. While living in Southeast Arizona, he began guiding birders in the spectacular Sky Island region. He now guides regularly in his native Great Lakes region, but still returns to Arizona whenever he gets a chance.
His first trip to the tropics was to beautiful Costa Rica and then the lush forests of Ecuador and the spectacular majesty of Peru in quick succession. Hooked on tropical birding, he has subsequently returned to the American tropics almost every year, birding the Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala, and most recently, a stint at Cristalino Jungle Lodge in the Amazon rainforest of south-central Brazil. He looks forward to sharing his twenty years of accumulated skills, knowledge and experience with you when you join him on tour.