Nick Bray

Nick is the owner of Zoothera Birding our British sister company. He has been birding from a very young age, when his dad pointed out the different birds in his garden on the edge of Plymbridge woods in Devon. Since then he has birded all over the Western Palearctic before outgrowing his twitching instincts to explore further afield. Nick has been guiding birdwatching groups for the past 18 years on a full-time basis all over the world. Having led numerous tours in North America, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Namibia & Botswana, New Zealand and over a dozen tours to the Gambia amongst other destinations. He now leads the majority of our Asia tours and has built up an enviable knowledge of that regions avifauna. He led the first British commercial birding tours to Eaglenest, Nagaland & Mishmi Hills and was the first Brit to see Naga & Mishmi Wren-babblers. He also has an interest in mammals, cetaceans and butterflies and is always willing to pass on his knowledge to fellow travellers.