Alaska’s Pribilof Islands

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Day 1, Arrival in Anchorage: Plan your arrival in Anchorage for anytime today. We will meet in the lobby of our hotel at 5 pm for an orientation session and then dinner. After dinner we will go to a nearby lake to shoot ducks, grebes and gulls for those feeling up to it after a day of travel.

Crested Auklet. Photo by Rick Bowers ©

Day 2: Travel to the Pribs: This morning we will have a short photo outing before heading the Anchorage Airport for our 12:15 flight to Saint Paul. The flight out offers some amazing scenery as we fly over vast expanses of snow covered peaks and wilderness. Bring you wide angle or point-and-shoot on board the aircraft for some amazing photo ops! Our flight is scheduled to arrive in Saint Paul at 3:45 pm. We will get settled in our hotel, located at the airport, and have dinner then catch the wonderful evening light to begin photographing Saint Paul’s remarkable wildlife.

Day 3-7, Saint Paul Island: For the next four and a half days we will photograph birds, mammals and wildflowers as weather and lighting allow. Our daily itinerary will be dictated by lighting conditions and the weather.

Northern Fulmar. Photo by Rick Bowers ©

With literally hundreds of thousands of seabirds nesting on the cliffs, we will have ample opportunities to shoot some of the most photogenic and colorful seabirds on cliffs and incorporate wildflowers in some of these shots. Puffins are always hilarious with their odd postures and expressions as they come and go from their nests. The three auklets breed only in the very north Pacific and each offers a different set of unique features for us to capture. Fulmars and both Kittiwake species soar along the cliffs just waiting to have their image snapped. All the seabirds will be busy feeding young, so flight shot opportunities should abound.

Northern Fur Seal. Photo by Rick Bowers ©

Day 8, St Paul Island and travel to Anchorage. One final morning of photography and we will say goodbye to the Pribs and board our flight back to Anchorage in the late afternoon. We will arrive back in Anchorage in the evening and transfer to our hotel. After getting settled at the hotel we will meet for our farewell dinner. Many flights to the lower 48 leave during the night so you can plan you flight out tonight or tomorrow.

See you again soon for another exciting NatureScape Tours photo Adventure!

Intro Itinerary Information and Pricing Gallery Birdlist Registration